Microstimulation Mapping of the Motor CorticalRepresentations in Wistar Rats
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KeyWord:Motor Cortex Rat Somatotopy Intracorticalstimulation
Yun Junti,et al
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      otor cortical representations of the body parts in 15 Wistar rats weredetermined using intracortical microstimulation technique under ketamineanaesthesia. The stimulus parameters were a train of 0.25ms cathodal pul-ses at 350Hz with the maximum current of 80A. The results showed thatthe great majority of evoked muscular responses were contralateral. Altho-ugh there was considerable variability in the size of the representationalmaps between the subjects, tha relative location of subdivisions was const-ant. Within the subdivisioas ( such as riorelimb area ) , however, no topo-graphical arrangement was evident. In soine rats roustral forelimb areasdid exist but none were roustral hindlimb areas found. Comparison of ourresults with those in the literature suggests that the motor cortex of theWistar rat is less specialized than that of Long-Evans hooded rats.
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