Analysis on the Causes of Death and Common Diseasein Captive the Callitrichidae
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KeyWord:Pneumonia Enteritis Wasting marmoset syndromoe,
Liang Wusheng,et al
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      n this paper,some kinds of disease and causes of the death in captivecotton-top tamarin, saddle-back tamarin and common marmoset are ana-lysed for eight years The study that common diseases of the deathwere pneumonia, enteritis (or diarrhea) , wasting marmoset syndrome,dystocia, other causes of the death of them Were abortion, killedby parent, stillborn, and so on. The authors summarized the effectivemeasures to cure and prevent these diseases, and discussed various causesof the death of them. It was essential to the feeding and breeding ofcal litrichids, and to increasing survival rate and decreasing mortality.
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