Study on the Biological Characteristics of Sibp : KM Mouse
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KeyWord:Sibp : KM Mouse Genetic background Biologicalcharacteristics,
Pan Zhenye,et al
Shanghai. Institute of Biological Products of the Ministry of Health
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      he genetic background, reproductive performance and biologicalcharacteristics were studied on outbred stock of Sibp : KM mouse. Inaccordance with The Cenetic Control Measures in Outbred Stock, thestatistic analysis of the reproductive performance and the growth curvewere made.24 biochemical genetic markers were tested.The average hetero-zygosity was found to be 0.209. The mandible morphimetric analysis reve-aled that 44% of the DF values exceeded 2SD. H-2 polymorphism wasalso studied, 10 class I private antigens with 17 phenotypes were found inthis colony. Morphometric data, including body length, ulna length, bodyweight. were measured,and basic hematological data and total body analy-sis were tested.
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