Blood Indices of Plateau Pika andRelationship with Hypoxia Adaptation
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KeyWord:Ochtona curizonae Blood picture Hypoxia adaptation,
Ye Runrong,et al
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      lateau pika (Ochotona curizoniae) is a new laboratory animalwhich has just been developing. It has good adaptation to hypoxiaenvironment of Qinghai-xizang Plateau. Some blood indicies of domesticatedplateau pika was measured and compared with the same indicies of wildplateau pika and other laboratorial animals in this paper.The erythrocyte number(3.5 X 106/ l) ,Hb content ( 133 . 1 g/l ) , hematocrit( 0.4421 /1 ) and mean Hb concentration per erythrocyte ( 308.8g/l ) of thedomesticated plateau pika are higher statistically than those of wild ones.The reason of this phenomenon is mainly because of the anaemia of the wildpika caused by coccidia and other parasites.By comparing to human andsome other laboratorial animals, plateau pika has higher erythrocyte number;close hematocrit and Hb content; smaller size and mean volume of erythro-cyte; and less mean Hb concentration per erythrocyte.The higher number and smaller volume of the erythrocyte make thepika to have larger efficacious reactive area of the erythrocyte.For plateaupika, this improves the utilization ratio of Hb and the capacity for the Hbto take and to release oxygen. It is considered as one of the mechanismsthat plateau pika can well adapt hypoxia environment.
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