Study on Sulfhydryl Group and Disulfide of RatLenses Incubated with Cataractogenic Agents afterAdding Chinese Mediical Herb CB
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KeyWord:Cataract Sulfhydryl group Disulfide
Wang kewei,et al
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      at lenses were incubated for 24 hours in vitro and there were four cat-aractogenic agents or trinitrotoluene, galactose,sodium selinite and pingyang-mycin in respective medium.At the same time Chinese medical herb CB whichwas considered to play some role in the prevention and treatment of cataractwas added in culture well in order to observe curative effect of CB andvitamin C was used as control. It was found that the content of nonproteinsulfhydryl group was obviously increasd, cross-linking of protein sulfhydrylwas inhibited and disulfide in insoluble proteins of rat lenses was decreasedafter putting Chinese medical CB in medium. Chinese medical herb CB maybe used to prevent and cure cataract in future. Further research isnow in progress.
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