The Experimental Study on the Anti-Senility Effect of Spleen Strengthening Recipe ( SSR )
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KeyWord:Wistar rat SOD TC HDL
Chen Xi
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      Sixty-six old rats were divided into 22 blocks by randomized block design.Three rats in each block were randomized into group SSR ( fed on feed containing SSR; white atractylodes rhizome. poria, ginseng, medicated leaven, tangerine peel, amomum fruit germinated barley, haw thorn fruit, Chinese yam, nutmeg, aucklandia root, astragalus root, and liquorice), group vit.E(fed on feed containing vit.E) , and control group ( fed on basic feed only) . After 90 days'feeding, the differences among 3 groups were compared by the following values:on rats in blocks 1-22,the differences of superoxide dismutase ( SOD ) , serum total cholesterol ( TC), high-density lipoprotein (HDL), and low-density lipoprotein ( LDL ) before and after experiments; on rats in blocks 1-11, the ability to resist fatigue; and on rats in blocks 12-22, the ability to tolerate hypoxia. The results showed: SSR had effects of raising SOD ( P<0.001 ) , lowering TC(P<0.05), and increasing HDL ( P<0.001) ,and a tendency to raise the ratio of HDL/ TC, and also could promote the ability of hypoxia tolerance ( P<0.05 ) , and fatigue resistance ( P<0.01)in old rats.Vit.E had effects of increasing SOD(P<0.001) , and HDL ( P<0.001 ) . and could promote the ability,of hypoxia tolerance(P<0.01)in old rats.Hence ,the objective of strengthening the spleen and stomach to counteract senility has been further proved, and experimental evidence has been provided for the theory that a healthy spleen and stomach would lead to "chang you tian ming" ( longevity ) .
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