Establishment of Transplanted Tumor Model of Human Laryngeal Carcinoma in Nude Mice and Studies on its Partial Biological Characteristics
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KeyWord:Laryngeal carcinoma Nude mice Transplanted human tumor
Wang Taiyi
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      We have successfully established an animal model of human laryngeal carcinona in BALB/cA nude mice by transplanting subcutaneously small tissue fragments derived fron patient. The tumor tissue was serially trans-planted for 13 generations during 14 months.The tumor incidence for the first generation was 66.7% ( 2/3 ) and in the following generations 100% ( 27/27 ) .Rapid and stable growth was found from the third generation and the characteristic tissue structure of the laryngeal tumor was well retained in the transplanted tumors.The nude mice model would be useful for the basic and experimental therapeutic studies of laryngeal carcinoma.
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